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Nass Asphalt was started in 2001 to carry out the pavement works for Nass Contracting’s  Hidd Infrastructural Project. Nass Asphalt carried out other works for the Nass Group during this period as well as some for external customers.

In 2004 Nass Asphalt was awarded the Term Tender, Road Maintenance and Resurfacing Project. At this point we became in direct competition with companies that had been in the market for a long time, in some cases up to 40 years. These companies were well known and had already established their reputation. As the Term Tender was a particularly prestigious project, it was important that we established our reputation as a professional and highly competent business as quickly as possible.

However it was not our intent to become as good as our competitors but rather to surpass them within the market niche we had chosen.  

It was our intent to develop a company that was Dynamic, Responsive, and Competitive and produced a top Quality Product. It was our aim to assimilate the best business practice, a people based environment and empathy for the client and the local culture. Hence our Slogan The Professionals Who Care. To get to this stage quickly, we had to increase our resources both in quantitative and qualitive way. We bought a substantial amount of new equipment but more importantly we brought a number of highly experienced expatriate staff that had worked on major projects for international road construction companies

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