Nass Asphalt started in 2001 to carry out asphalt paving works for Nass Contracting on its Hidd Infrastructure Project. Since then it's gone to develop a host of subsidiary operations all of which have been synergistic to its core and to each other. Nass Asphalt's portfolio of operations includes the following:

Our Services

Aesthetic & Safe Solutions

Nass Asphalt's Red Asphalt can be used in a wide range.

Environmental Solutions

We are living in a world where it is a growing requirement to reduce.

Logistics Solutions

Nass Asphalt's transport dept. operates a fleet of more than 50 specialist rigid tipper vehicles.

Performance Solutions

Deformation, the rutting of asphalt is the main cause of road failure in the Gulf region.

Production Solutions

Nass Asphalt Production dept. has built its reputation on supplying customers.

Quality Solutions

Nass Asphalt through it laboratory has been heavily involved in finding solutions.

Our mission is to become one of the Best Road Construction Companies in the Region and a company that its clients, employees and all other stakeholders are proud to be associated with.

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